An article written by Hamoye interns of Machine Learning Fullstack Tier (group-03). Machine learning mastery is the theme of the first module on our curriculum of learning. This article expresses what we would do with what we now know.

In line with the UNDP’s sustainable development goal 2, i.e., zero hunger, a closer look into the food production in Sub-Saharan Africa has become pertinent, since it is the epicenter of hunger with 22.7% of its population living without adequate food. Though the prevalence of hunger in any region may be multifactorial; poverty, job instability, poor infrastructure, unstable markets, effects of…

An article written by the Data Science Tier (group 2) Hamoye interns. Machine learning mastery is the theme of the first module on our curriculum of learning. This is an article expressing what we would do with what we now know.

Machine Learning seems to be the biggest thing since the turn of the century. There is so much hype around this constantly evolving field. The analytical field, at the intersection of statistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence has been making headway.

Machine learning has found its applications in medicine, information technology, automobile engineering, and other industries at the speed…

by Ifeanyi “Bernie” Iheagwara

An ancient Chinese Proverb states “Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn”.

I started to volunteer with Hamoye in 2021, a few months right after I concluded a Data Science Internship with them. As one of the top 10 interns in their previously organized internship, I was sent an email in which I was invited to be a part of the A-team/volunteers for their upcoming externship. I don’t exactly remember what my reasons were at the time, but I accepted the offer.

Hamoye Internships since their inception are fueled towards a mission: To help prepare young professionals and college students for their chosen careers and the future of work. We offer world-class, specially designed, internship-style learning programs, that will help you acquire real-world work experience.

Our internship programs simulate the real work environment while cutting out all of the unnecessary distractions that come with traditional internships. Not only do we have the capacity to provide everyone with an opportunity to acquire job-ready expertise, we have the special sauce to ensure you get the best out of the experience. …

A journey to becoming a Data Scientist at Hamoye AI Labs

I was extremely joyous to get a job with Hamoye AI Labs, I felt fulfilled. It is the best feeling I’ve had in a while; a dream come true.

The Hamoye Data Science Internship 2020 brought in various learners from all walks of life — smart and apt with a never-give-up spirit. One of them is Sophia Jack. Sophia took the program by storm and put everyone on notice when she emerged as the best overall intern and best female intern in the second stage of the internship program. She didn’t stop there. …

A journey to becoming a Data Scientist at Hamoye AI Labs

Having just ended an internship in which he paid a lot to gain nothing, another internship was not what Precious was looking for. When he came across the Hamoye Data Science Internship, he was skeptical. Even though it was free, deciding to commit the time and effort to another internship for 24- weeks was not an easy one. Despite not having a background in Computer Science, he was able to emerge top-three in the Data Science Track.

Find out how Precious made the right decision to join the internship and went on to claim the precious prize.

A journey to becoming a Data Scientist at Hamoye AI Labs

I have moved a step forward in my career. From learning resources and projects, to work-environment with the team and fellow interns, everything has helped me develop a lot, not only as a Data Scientist, but also as an individual.

A journey to becoming a Data Scientist at Hamoye AI Labs

The Internship was quite impactful, the Open Source Projects, the collaboration, the engagement, etc. Looking back, I’d say the Internship with Hamoye has helped me both as a person and in my career as well. It was worth the time.

A journey to becoming a Data Scientist at Hamoye AI Labs

Haha! I’ve tremendously evolved career-wise, growth-wise, knowledge-wise, network-wise, and so on. Honestly, without the platform given to me by Hamoye, I am unsure I would have developed this much in so little time.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Damilola Shobowale, a graduate of Mathematics from the University of Ibadan; currently undergoing my Masters in Business Administration. I am a Junior Data Scientist at Hamoye AI Labs. I am a critical thinker, and problem solver, who is passionate about the big world of Data Science. I hail from Ogun State; the first of four children.

How do you feel your course of study facilitated your transition into the Data Science field?

Well, my course of study actually gave me…

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