HDSC Fall ‘23 Premier Project: Real Life Machine Learning Topics

3 min readOct 16, 2023

Numerous remarkable advancements have transformed the machine industry, including artificial neural networks (ANN), autonomous and intelligent robots, chatbots, and commercialized AI. These pioneering efforts by machine learning originators have led to substantial benefits for humanity, continually improving over time.

Our primary goal is to nurture the next generation of problem solvers. We encourage our interns to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges during their Hamoye internship. Interns are motivated to take on practical machine learning projects to reinforce their understanding and tackle real-world issues.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. — Anton Chekhov

HDSC Fall ’23 Premiere Projects:

Explore these projects and find your group’s assigned project details. Groups attached to the following themes must note that they are to generate their own project topics from each of the themes

Theme: Educational Infrastructure — to improve education and foster future success

StartSolvers, ModelCraft & PredictFlow (dataset)

Project Description

5000 responses of young Nigerian graduates from February till May 2018 gives an insight into the factors contributing to employment status. Explore the dataset, determine what the dataset will be used to solve and decide your group’s topic for the project.

NeuralCraft & FeatureForge (dataset)

Project Description

This dataset, compiled by CCAPS, provides data on literacy rates, primary and secondary school attendance rates, access to improved water and sanitation, household access to electricity, and household ownership of radio and television at the subnational level, specifically the first administrative district level.

Theme: Climate Change and Social Conflicts- to understand conflicts and societies and foster peace

AIInfreno & ModelMaker (dataset)

Project Description

EM-DAT contains data on the occurrence and impacts of over 26,000 mass disasters worldwide from 1900 to the present day. The database is compiled from various sources, including UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, reinsurance companies, research institutes, and press agencies.

DataFusion & DataMinds (dataset)

Project Description

Being the second most populous continent in the world after Asia, Africa has been a prey to conflicts such as socio-political, political, social, civil war, government mismanagement, etc. This dataset explores unique conflicts from 1997 till 2020

Theme: Infrastructure Deficit- addressing this deficit: AI’s Transformative Role in Planning

NeuralNex & InsightIQ (dataset)

Project Description

This dataset provide context about the quantity of energy required, how that is changing over time, and how we are doing in terms of transitioning from non-renewable to renewable energy use.

DataCrafters & AlgoSprint (dataset)

Project Description

Containing one set of strings, one set of integers, 6 sets of floats, etc., this dataset is replete with information about Covid-19. Explore and decide what specific topic, relating to the theme, your team will work on

Theme: Food Security and Access- to prevent malnutrition

AlgoPulse & MLExplorer (dataset)

Project Description

The data set specifies farming systems characteristics that can help inform about the importance of each system for a country’s agricultural production and its ability to cope with short- and long-term climate changes or extreme weather events.

MLMatrix & InsightHub (dataset)

Project Description

While you may want to avoid this dataset if you eat cereals, it’s a good one to explore complete with nutritional content, ratings and many more.

Theme: Biodiversity Preservation- for conservation, ecosystem health, biodiversity preservation

CodeAnalytics, CodeGenius & DataNauts (dataset)

Project Description

This dataset records all legal species imports and exports carried out in 2016 (and a few records from 2017) and reported to CITES. With myriads of possibilities to explore with the dataset, determine what your group’s topic will be.




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